Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess who's four months old?!

Yes I can't believe it! Ian is already 4 months old and he's getting so big. He's laughing and giggling all the time and rolling over like crazy. We couldn't be more happy. Our lives sure have changed a lot, but we never imagined we would love someone soo much. Here are some random pictures. I know there's a lot, but I haven't posted anything since he was born!
Playing around on his activity mat. Loves it!
Standing on Dad's legs. He loves to stand up! This was on Memorial Day.

First day at the pool! He took his spot right in the shade and played with his feet. His new favorite hobby!

Favorite blanket. BambooLand's Muslin Blanket. Seriously, I wish I had 10 of these things!

Konynenbelt cousin Tulip Time photo shoot! (from the side)

Yeah..kind of hard to get a picture of these two looking at the camera. This was right before the shoe connected with Ian's face...they really do love eachother!

Ian and I at Erik's Birthday celebration. Yup, it's from March! I haven't posted since he was born!

Hanging out with Dad!

I just love this outfit. It's from when he was just a month old or so, but I think it's soo cute!

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