Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Weekend!

What was so awesome about this weekend? Love was in the air!
A wedding and a proposal all in two days!
Our friends Bob and Kendra got married on Friday and we're happy we were able to be a part of their special day. We love Kendra to pieces! The wedding was in Indiana and the reception was in Illinois. Crazy huh? They were actually only 5 minutes away..kind of cool. We love the Overbecks and we are anticipating another great wedding with their family in September. Here is a pic of the happy bride and groom!

The guys came in from the side before the bridesmaids entered so it gave me time to snap a quick one of Erik... handsome isn't he? Dave on the left is pretty tall I realized...and should we tell the lady in the back that we can see her?

AND last but certainly not least...I was sooo floored to get the call on Saturday from my great friend Dana to hear that her and Brett got engaged! Brett and Dana are close friends of mine (and Erik) and we have been anticipating this day for some time now and couldn't be happier! I already gave her one of those huge mammoth bride magazines for her to explore. When Erik and I were planning our wedding I had fun looking at those and sure enough..there we were last night...diving into it on the floor! Congrats you guys!