Saturday, February 19, 2011

We're still kickin'!

So what happened here? It's been way too long since my last post (a couple months..or 7!) What?!
A lot has happened since our last post in July. Ian is soo much fun and it amazes me everyday how big he's getting. He turned one a couple of weeks ago! Wow!

We had a party to celebrate and of course, a cake to enjoy. (Which a big hooray to good ole Z.B. for making such a cute cake!) He did NOT hesitate at all when it came time to dig in, which I wasn't expecting to be an issue. He takes after his mommy and daddy in that area;)

He is such an active little boy and certainly keeps us moving. He took after his mom and dad in another area and that was walking a wee bit early. A week before he turned 10 months he said "Ok I am going to walk now" and he never looked back. So RUNNING around the house is his favorite activity right now (phew!) followed by climbing on his Cars toy "Oh yeah..I'm Lightning McQueen" is a commen jingle we hear around here, playing peekaboo, attempting to eat Rudy's food (suggestions/advice are appreciated!), reading "Mr. Brown can MOO can you?" and of course, climbing up the stairs. "Talking" is another favorite right now...happy and "goyde" are the most common this week. We can't quite decifer goyde yet..but he sure does like to say it a lot...doggie maybe?

Anyways, I could write a book since it's been so long..but I won't. Enjoy some recent pics instead!