Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time is flying by!

So, again it's been too long since I have updated. I just loaded all of my pictures to my computer and here is what we've been so busy with! It is in no order at all and I apologize for that, I guess I'm just a bit lazy. This fall has been great and we've had a blast hanging out with family and friends and oh yeah...getting ready for baby Konynenbelt!! 13 weeks to go until we meet our lil' buddy! Something tells me that after the christmas season, February will be here before we know it! Shopping with my girlfriends in Chicago. Great weekend girls!
Making apple cider on the Annual Cider Day with the VanDeRiet family Erik making bread on a Saturday morning. Love, love, love that he's soo good at this! Don't ask me why I decided to snap pictures that morning!
I am 26 weeks and we'll be 27 on Friday! Woohoo:)
Hanging out with my favorite little's hard to get a pic of both of them looking at the camera!! Are they not just soooo adorable?!
Rylie and Grandma at Halloween..cute lil ladybug:)
Making Chili for the annual chili cookoff! Ours was a bit hot, some said "could tell a pregnant women made it.." I will admit that it burned a bit going down...but worth second place!

Chili cookoff chefs
Erik and I at Cranes with the Kbelt clan. It's not fall without taking a trip to Cranes:)
Mom and Kelsey at Cider Day..making an apple pie I believe?!Fun Times!!

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